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Second attempt at making an x-y plotter (TinyPlotter)

This plotter was built using parts from cd disc drives. The parts that actually control the motion are the steppers in the cd drives. The steppers are normally used to move a laser diode back and forth over the disc … Continue reading

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Sound triangulation using cheap microphones

Sound triangulation is a method of determining where a sound originated from. Triangulation can give the location of a sound source in 2-d space. A sound wave travels out from its point of origin as a sphere. Trilateration is another … Continue reading

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An attempt at making an X-Y plotter from scraps (GhettoPlotter)

The plotter in action ( kind of )

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Interfacing a strip encoder with the dsPIC30F4011

This is what a strip encoder looks like: They are used to add position feedback to things that move in a linear way. For example, printers and scanners. Some printers use DC motors with strip encoders as opposed to stepper … Continue reading

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