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Metal trolley experiment results

This post will contain the results of all experiment done with the metal trolley. Cardboard test results Plastic test results Glass test results Investigating how easily tags can be read outside of the trolley Investigating the benefits of RFID tags … Continue reading

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Bash script for avr-gcc and avrdude

This script will take a c file (named main.c), compile it into a main.o file, convert this to a .elf file and then convert the .elf to a .hex and finally flash the chip with this hex using avrdude. First … Continue reading

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Theory about plotting (x,y) co-ordinates using any kind of plotter

For a college project last year, I built a plotter using cd drives. It had two cd drives in it, one for x direction and one for y. Pretty quickly it was drawing basic shapes like circles and squares. This … Continue reading

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Playing with National Instrument’s NI PXIe-106Q

For the past day or so, I have been messing about with this cool-looking contraption. After getting past figuring out the intimidating front panel, I was able to try some interesting things.

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