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Testing egg boiled-ness using soundwaves : Experimental results

So I may have gotten a bit carried away before with the whole egg thing. Tried building a working prototype without first doing some experimentation to make sure it is possible to tell how boiled an egg is by using … Continue reading

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Measuring how boiled an egg is – using sound waves – Attempt #1

Spoiler Alert: This didn’t work out due to the fact that whatever contraption I build tends to fall apart or not work properly when placed in boiling water. I’ll continue to work on the problem. Maybe there is some kind … Continue reading

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NRF24L01+ development board

This development board is based on the PIC18F45k50 which will communicate with a PC via USB. Example code will be posted in the coming weeks. The PICKIT to FFC adapter adapter board artwork and eagle files are available here. The … Continue reading

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