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Tiva C launchpad FFT with real time plotting using pyQtGraph

Circuit Diagram: The biased signal generator signal is connected to AnalogIn 1 on the Tiva C which is pin PE_2. Signal Gen and Tiva C ground is common. The two 10k resistors from a voltage divider which will halve the … Continue reading

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Automated Plant Waterer

Here is a circuit diagram of the circuit shown in the video: This is the C program that runs on the dsPIC:

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Calling a C program from a Python script

This process is made simple with Python’s subprocess module.

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EEPROM example for PIC1814K50

For a previous project involving stepper motors, I wanted the microcontroller to remember exactly where the stepper motor was even after power loss. There wasn’t enough time to attempt it then, so I thought I’d try something similar now.

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