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Connecting sensors to the internet using an arduino and a raspberry pi

As part of the PlantBot project, I wanted a way to look at sensor data over the internet. These sensors are moisture, light and pressure. The main one is moisture, the other two were just added in because I had … Continue reading

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Making an updating graph using javascript and jpgraph

This is a pretty cool way to update a graph on a webpage without having to refresh the entire page. Javascript is an easy language to get started in, today was my first time using it and within a few … Continue reading

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Plotting data from a MySQL database using jpgraph

First Step: Putting the jpgraph library on the server The jpgraph library can be downloaded from here. After it is downloaded put it somewhere on the server or local computer you are using it on. It doesn’t matter where you … Continue reading

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Connecting Processing scripts to the Internet using PHP

Click on the image to change the lines:     The above image is produced by a processing sketch. Each line drawn is given a random colour generated by a PHP program running on a web server. Each time the … Continue reading

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