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OpenWave #7 : Displacement measurement results – peak detect vs zero crossing

This post will detail an experiment in which the wave sensor was attached to a rotating arm at three different diameters. These diameters were 40cm, 60cm and 80cm. For each diameter, measurements were taken at two speeds to get an … Continue reading

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Laser Cut Mount for PS3 Eye Toy and Laser Line Scanner

A few years ago I made a 2d line scanner using a webcam and a laser. It worked pretty well but two major improvements needed were the addition of a line laser as opposed to a dot and using a … Continue reading

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RoboSlam robot design disussion #2

The breadboard fits in sideways pretty well. The earlier version on the robot (ted gave me his) doesn’t have enough space to slide in the breadboard with the rangefinder attached. The updated version has enough space to slide the breadboard … Continue reading

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Robot Design

2mm slots Kevin mentioned that the slots are currently 2mm and this might be too tight a fit. After putting it together it seems that another mil or two is needed to avoid the fraying as seen in the below … Continue reading

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