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OpenWave #3 : First rotating arm test results

To give a quick summary of where I’m at with this project, I’ve got my breadboard circuit attached to the end of a rotating arm and it’s streaming data back to my PC. I’ve performed some basic analysis on this … Continue reading

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OpenWave #2 : Rotating arm and breadboard circuit started

Some decent progress has been made since the last blog post. See the image of the breadboard below which shows the current state of the electronics: The small blue pcb with the four mounting holes is the BNO55 breakout board … Continue reading

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OpenWave : Development of an Open-Source and Low-cost wave sensor

Post #1 (2nd February 2019) This blog post will document the process of developing a wave sensor which I’m calling OpenWave for use on data buoys such as the one shown below: Ocean wave measurement has a wide range of … Continue reading

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Laser Cut Mount for PS3 Eye Toy and Laser Line Scanner

A few years ago I made a 2d line scanner using a webcam and a laser. It worked pretty well but two major improvements needed were the addition of a line laser as opposed to a dot and using a … Continue reading

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