Cheap and nasty ‘powered’ usb cable

I was trying to connect a wifi adapter to a raspberry pi today but the pi’s usb ports could not supply enough current to the device. A powered USB hub would be the ideal solution to this problem but I didn’t have one handy. The workaround I used was cut open the cable, strip the insulation of the red and black power wires and attach separate wires so that a power supply could be connected.

Here is the cable split open: ( I cut one of the wires by accident then re-soldered it and put heat shrink on it)

2014-05-16 10.32.07

Then strip the insulation of the red and black wires and solder on the external power wires:
2014-05-16 10.36.47

Tidy it all up (sarcasm):
2014-05-16 10.42.36

Et voila! It’s not pretty but it does the job:
2014-05-16 10.44.34

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