k40 laser cutter : dial for laser power knob

The power adjust knob on this k40 laser cutter didn’t have a dial of any sort so it was hard to set power values for different materials like cardboard and acrylic.

Here is a picture of the dial:



To cut it out you could laser cut and etch it or print it out on paper and cut it out with a blade. The svg file linked below has the correct dimensions for the dial so it should print the correct size.


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7 Responses to k40 laser cutter : dial for laser power knob

  1. fduignan says:

    You should have made a dial that goes up to 11!

  2. Thierry DeBee says:

    May I just ask you the vendor name, and the way that you choose to bought this machine (ebay, …) ?

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Thierry DeBee says:

    Many thanks for your quick answer !

    MfG / Kind Regards / Merci beaucoup,


  4. Alan says:

    What are your materials and known settings?

  5. Les Harvey says:

    Excellent, just what I was looking for, I’ve been wondering how to make a dial and mark the gauge accurately.

  6. sam graves says:

    Awesome little hack. Cheers might add this when i can find 2 minutes to do so. There are a few settings here https://k40lasercutter.com/recommended-k40-laser-cutter-settings/ which I’ve noted down, and I might add an arrow over the top to turn dial for certain product materials as well and create a graph for easy reference

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