PlantBot – The Plant Watering Robot

PlantBot – because watering plants is boring.

Laser Cutter Plans:

Here is a preview of what the plans look like:

For laser cutting, click here to download an SVG file of the plans


The calc_shoulder_angle function is dodgy – Instead of fixing it I entered in x y points with two potentiomenters to find out which ones line up over the planter box squares. Right now it doesn’t go to x-y points as expected. This will get fixed eventually.






Whats Next:

Arduino was used for fast prototyping, PlantBot V2 will have a custom pcb and be solar powered, possibly without a battery – just using capacitors. Need to do some experimentation to see if this is even possible. Will make a custom pcb with a uC that has a very low current power saving mode:)

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