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EEPROM example for PIC1814K50

For a previous project involving stepper motors, I wanted the microcontroller to remember exactly where the stepper motor was even after power loss. There wasn’t enough time to attempt it then, so I thought I’d try something similar now.

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2d mapping using a webcam and a laser

Following on from my previous blog post using a webcam and a laser as a rangefinder, it’s now mounted on a cheap 3 euro stepper motor and used to make a 2d map of the surroundings. As you can see … Continue reading

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Sumobot build, the progress so far

It’s a speedy piece of kit by the looks of it! At the moment the code written just keeps it from falling off the table. When this video was shot there were little white specks on the table causing the … Continue reading

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Sending analog values over serial using a PIC 18F14K50

There’s a Robosumo competition coming up. The microcontroller chosen for the job was the PIC 18F14k50. The sensors being used are Sharp infrared rangefinder (to locate the opposing robot), and IR colour detecting sensors (to detect when the robot has … Continue reading

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