Laser Cut Mount for PS3 Eye Toy and Laser Line Scanner

A few years ago I made a 2d line scanner using a webcam and a laser. It worked pretty well but two major improvements needed were the addition of a line laser as opposed to a dot and using a camera with a higher framerate. For version 2 of this project I went with the ps3 eye toy camera which can do 60FPS at 640×480 px or 120FPS at 320×240 px. The camera cost around 10 euros including postage from ebay. The line laser was also bought from ebay for a few euros. It is just a laser diode with a lens which turns the laser into a line. I wanted to design a mount that would hold the camera and laser as well as allow for easy rotation for scanning of rooms etc. The 3D model of the mount was designed in google sketchup and then exported to Inkscape for laser cutting. See below for pictures of the finished mount:


Here is the exported inkscape SVG files:

SVG file available for download here

I made some changes to the design in Inkscape so the 3D model doesn’t match the 2D laser cutting plans. Hopefully I’ll get this up and running in the next week or two. Updates to follow!

2 thoughts on “Laser Cut Mount for PS3 Eye Toy and Laser Line Scanner

  1. How did you get the PS3 Eye camera to work on your PC? I have been trying for ages to get mine to work other than as a system webcam, when I try to use it with a IDE like Visual Studio it does can not find it.

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